Heel Promo/New Album/Tour Dates.

 October 5, 2015

Admist the cultural climate of online-this and social-media-that it pleases me greatly to do what I truly love: write and record songs, release records and tour hard. Tangible art, real feelings and sharing experiences with as many people as possible is the goal. Having an online presence and creating a brand are essential in 2015 but they’re not the most important aspect of creating art. Let’s remember to keep this real and human, folks…(& yes, I’m aware of the irony posting this to my website). The release of YOUNGBLOOD enabled Divided Heaven to travel further and work harder for opportunities, and as this next touring cycle concludes this year I am starting to look forward to the next chapter…
We’ve begun recording DHLP3 in Hollywood with producer and friend Charlie Stavish. It’s exciting as hell to get these songs on tape and to be working with Charlie again. He’s great so check out his website charliestavish.com. He felt these songs would be served better in the analog realm and we’ve trusted his idea and followed his lead, tracking these 18 brand new songs to two-inch analog tape.
Tons of new tour dates in the US, EU, and UK listed in the SHOWS page. And always more good stuff is always around the corner….
xoxo jeff