Released March 25th, 2014
Say-10 Records (LP/CD/Digital)
Music is None of my Business Records (Cassette Tape)

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1. Youngblood
2. The Worst
3. Melissa Militia
5. Mass Ave
6. P. Levi
7. Musser Park
8. Crooked Smiles / Brutal Miles
9. Ego and Nothing More
10. Safety-Pinned Heart
11. Kew Gardens
12. Gin
-9169 (Exclusive LP Digital Download only track)
-St. Catherines (Exclusive Cassette only track)

Produced by Charlie Stavish
Track 3 produced by Stephen Egerton
Artwork by Paris Visone
Copyright 2014 Levi Jefferson Music (ASCAP)

Released November 1st, 2011
Paper + Plastick Records (Digital)
No Panic Records (LP)
diy (CD)

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1. Five and Dime To Hollywood
2. Fight or Flight
3. Born-Again Non-Believer
4. KeyStone
5. Brandywine
6. 1,000 New Conclusions
7. The Return
8. A Tribute To Amnesia
9. Usual (Chris) Suspect
10. East/West

Produced by Bradley Riot
Artwork by Paul D’Elia
Copyright 2011 Levi Jefferson Music (ASCAP)

The White Rose
Released January 20th, 2017

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1. The White Rose
2. Gin (Electric)

Produced by Ben Rauscher
Copyright 2017 Levi Jefferson Music (ASCAP)

The Worst
Released October 30th, 2015
Fond of Life Records (Digital)

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1. The Worst
2. Tomoe
3. For Jason
4. St. Catherines
5. South Slope
6. 9169

Tracks 1,3,4 & 6 Produced by Charlie Stavish
Tracks 2 & 5 Produced by Stephen Egerton
Copyright 2015 Levi Jefferson Music (ASCAP)

The Prava Sessions (LIVE)
Released March 31st, 2015
The Prava Sessions (Digital)

1. Safety-Pinned Heart
2. KeyStone
3. 1,000 New Conclusions
4. Youngblood
5. Musser Park

Produced by Tim Schock
Copyright 2015 Levi Jefferson Music (ASCAP)

Live at Pinnacle Studios
Released November 8th, 2013
Say-10 Records (Digital)
1. Safety-Pinned Heart
2. Melissa Militia
3. Clean Sheets (Descendents)
4. Brandywine
5. Can’t Hardly Wait (The Replacements)

Produced by Charlie Stavish
Copyright 2013 Levi Jefferson Music (ASCAP)

Kathleen’s 25th Birthday Demo
Released January 18th, 2007

1. The Return
2. Good Luck and Goodbye
3. Clean Sheets (Pinhead Gunpowder)
4. Achin’ To Be (The Replacements)

Copyright 2007 Levi Jefferson Music (ASCAP)