New single ‘The White Rose’ out Inauguration Day…

 January 12, 2017

…as an honest, imperfect, unabashed, vicious and raw response to the Trump demagoguery.

All proceeds will go to The White Helmets; the Syrian rescue workers who risk their lives to save their fellow innocent citizens (often children) from the rubble and devastation brought about by constant airstrikes. Donations help supply these volunteers with supplies, ambulances, and emergency response training. Please learn more about their good work at their site.

‘The White Rose’ can be purchased on BandCamp.

Even as a politcal news junkie, this past election cycle was quite difficult to fully comprehend, and even harder to fully accept. The rise of the alt-right and the general disregard for the truth in journalism (not to mention Trump’s threat to journalists themselves) makes it all the more dire to speak the truth and know our history. ‘The White Rose’ was written as a tribute to the eponymous 1942 anti-Nazi, student-led resistance group in steadfast remembrance of their courage and in solidarity against their illegal and unjust persecution. That fact, coupled with the ongoing illegal slaughter of innocent civilians in Syria…I felt compelled. I encourage you to check out ‘The White Rose’, enjoy and spread the word.

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